Monday, November 29, 2010

Just a little catching up......

I wrote this months ago, intending to come back, write more and than post, however time got away from me.

Where do I start after so many months? Life is a whirlwind. I am just taking care of my children, trying to keep up and not get so overwhelmed with all that is asked of me. However, I am so thankful for these four children and would not want life any other way. The afternoons are filled with getting homework done with two kids, piano lessons, bible homework, providing snacks, making and serving supper at a designated time, before moods start to deteriorate. :) After supper is baths, more reading and a timely bedtime. Then two nights a week after this routine, I take off to work.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

vacation memories

Our family just returned from our first time at the beach. Lately, when I have tried to blog, I have been unable to upload photos, so this time it worked, I am so excited!
We arrived at Nags Head safely and hurried down to the ocean. The kids were so excited to see the Atlantic for the first time. We had lots of discussions about ocean life, salt water, and the strong waves. This picture was taken at their first time with salt water. It ended with kids soaking wet in their clothes, but that was ok, because we were at the beach!!!! It was funny to see their reaction to the salty taste in their mouth. They were quite dramatic about this, but by the end of our time, there were no more complaints of the horrible taste.
We visited the Wright Brothers museum and learned some history, I took the older three putt putting for their first time, and then Ben joined us for a couple of days. That was wonderful, because he didn't plan on coming at all. I'm thinking he missed us? Maybe the house was too quiet??? :)
With Ben with us we went to the aquarium. This was exciting to see sharks, sea horses, eels, otters, beautiful fish, etc... It was a beautiful day and so much fun. Also at the beach, we went on walks, did some shopping, ate a seafood meal (oh what fun!) played lots of games (dutch blitz, uno, battleship) walked to get ice cream, and many more memories. The kids want to live there now! I on the other hand, am glad to be home again. The constant battle of sand in everything would drive me crazy I believe. It doesn't just rinse off, you have to WASH it off!!

This is what happens when I am at the computer. See why I don't get to blog very much? But, I have happy kids!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ummm, summer

We are loving summer!! I love having the kids home with me. I love the relaxed schedule. The kids love catching fireflies in the late evening, watching the primrose open, sleeping in, and having some good, relaxing family fun. The children seem to really enjoy being together and playing with each other. It is fun to watch them interact together. Of course, we had about two days of adjusting after school was over. Adjusting to being together so much, and not being stimulated constantly. But they have done really well. We have spent a lot of time outside. While the children play in the sandbox, water or just using their imagination, I have time to work in the garden.

In May, Ashley lost her first tooth! She was so proud and happy! I also was very happy for her. The teacher made a big deal over losing teeth, and Ashley was worried she wouldn't get her name on the bullentin board. Whew, we barely made it!

The kids have also done very good at helping out around the house and doing some chores. It's hard for me to get them to do their chores, that is one area I need to improve on. But, they are very capable to helping out.

And little Violet, she is growing so fast! She nods her head yes and no, loves her mommy VERY much, runs and climbs all over the place. Still not a lot of words, but there is a lot going on around here and she will learn.

Just a little update, I need to do better at blogging. But my little children have been keeping me busy, and I love it!!! Baseball is now over, swimming lessons are over, we have visited the library several times, we are reading, we are playing, and we are eating good, and summer needs to last FOREVER!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Reflecting on a Monday, Is it Monday?

No pictures today, I am sorry. I know it has been awhile, and I am not sure I have even taken any pictures recently. (isn't that awful!!!!) Since it has been so long, I thought I better give an update on everyone.

Jacob, baseball is keeping us very busy! Between practice and games it takes three evenings a week. This means keeping him focused on coming home from school, snack, homework, completing chores, eating supper and then going wherever. A big change from our normal routine!! Jacob earned his first game ball this evening. He is pretty proud and is well deserving of this accomplishment. I missed the game tonight, since I have sick girls at home. He loves baseball! He seems to really like sports at this stage in his life.

Ashley, ballet is wrapping up for her. Her performance is the next weekend. So, next week means rehearsal every evening! She is on stage for just a short time, so rehearsal time for her is short as well (thank goodness). Kindergarten is flying by. She is reading really well and does really well in school. I am just so proud of her! We are going on a field trip tomorrow and I am looking forward to spending some time with her. Tomorrow evening the younger classes from her school are putting on their spring performance.

Rachel, she is conversing so well for her age. We have some pretty deep conversations and I sometimes feel like I am talking with someone much older than her 3 little years. She is such a young lady, so considerate of others and such a wonderful help in the kitchen! She loves baking cookies ( we did today) and will "help" wash dishes, anything to work beside me. She is full of personality which is emerging more and more everyday.

Violet, oh my sweet "little one". She is fairly quiet, has yet to find her voice. Her new talents are, waving bye, bye, making the shhhh sign, dada, mama (constantly), sound like HI, and my favorite is the kiss. Friday, I got my first kiss from Violet. She leaned her head to my cheek, with open mouth and made the sound mmmmawww. The sound I make when I give her kisses. Oh so precious!!! her teeth are just ripping her gums! She has 4 new teeth breaking thru! I do believe it is making her miserable. She is no longer sleeping thru the night, and prefers to be held all night while yanking my hair out of my head! I am trying very hard to be patient. This will not last forever! (right????)

In regards to our health, we have dealt with ear infections, strep throat, stomach bugs, viruses causes fevers, flu, ear infections again, strep throat again, more viruses, etc..... it seems never ending. Violet is clear of her ear infections now. Rachel now is the second to start running a fever again. Ashley is coughing and complaining of a sore throat. (I am hoping/praying no strep throat) Rachel was checked today and was negative for her strep throat(thank God!) I guess with four children this is to be expected, but really? Must it last this long? I have tried bleaching and have changed toothbrushes so frequently, but lets get real! Anyway, I don't want to dwell on this too long. I just don't have time during the day to get to my computer. My kids when not feeling well, seem to need a lot of hands on attention. Which they are certainly getting! :)

Next time, more pictures............